Honor the Memory of Your Loved Ones

Grave Site Care Services

Beautiful flowers to pay respect to your loved one

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Daizy Fresh is a company built around Grave Site care. When you sign up with Daizy Fresh, your individual situation is dealt with on a personal level, meaning your needs are met and you receive what you are looking for.

Whether you just want a spring cleaning of a grave site or all season care, we have you covered. Call or email today to talk to Tricia, the owner, to see how Daizy Fresh can meet your grave site care needs. Our Grave Site care services are perfect for those who:

  • Have busy lifestyles and would like the burden of Grave Site care removed
  • Are unable to perform the care themselves due to an injury or disability
  • Would like a professional to take over in order to give their loved one a better respected site

Daizy Care follows cemetery guidelines, such as the following for Holy Sepulchre:

  • Upright Monuments - plantings 12" in front not in back
  • Flush or slant markers plantings have to be in the front of the marker and the length
  • Fresh flowers only if left in containers only 8" and no glass!
  • Winter wreathes must be placed after Nov 15th and taken down after March 15th
  • In Queen of Heaven and St Francis Cremation Garden, there cannot be any ground flowers planted. You can have green cone vases that can be removed for grass cutting

NEW!  Headstone Cleaning and Maintenance - $80

Using a biodegradable solution